Fall in Love with These 50+ Gorgeous Fall Nail Designs

Fall is hands down the best time to up your nail game! The colors of the season are so cozy and inviting, plus it’s the perfect excuse to match your nails with your outfit. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest fall nail trends or just want some easy DIY nail ideas, there’s a ton of inspo out there. We’ve rounded up 50 of the coolest fall nail art looks to get you pumped for your next manicure adventure. Oh, and don’t forget to seal the deal with a top coat and a little hand cream for that flawless finish!

1. Brown Funky French Mani

This chic negative space French manicure is reminiscent of those warm and comforting coffee moments. To achieve this stylish nail look in the comfort of your own home, consider getting your hands on the Lights Lacquer YNBB Volume 2 Bundle ($58). Begin by delicately painting the classic French tips, and then bring out your artistic side by using a fine-lining brush dipped in acetone to craft those intricate negative space details.

2. Rainy Day Pumpkins

These french tip inspired pumpkins will last the whole fall season. If you’re feeling daring, they’re actually pretty simple to DIY with a super thin nail art brush.

3. Chic Brown Claws

If you’re looking for a classic style but still fall inspired, you can’t go wrong with theses chocolate brown almond nails.

4. Purple Vampire Era

This chic negative space French manicure is reminiscent of those warm and comforting coffee moments. If you want to recreate this look at home, start with dark purple nail polish and before you let it set, add a little dot of light purple or pink nail polish and dab it to blend with a nail sponge.

5. Chocolate Brownie Nails

Much like a reliable old friend and a cozy oversized cardigan, chocolate brown nail polish remains a timeless autumn essential. While it may not reinvent the wheel, its comforting presence becomes especially inviting as the cool, crisp breeze of fall takes hold.

6. Autumn Balance

As we embrace the back-to-school season and the return to our regular routines, maintaining balance is paramount. That’s precisely why we’re enamored with this autumn-inspired yin-yang nail design. The tera cotta and matcha green colors are the cherries on top.

7. Mix & Match

As the autumn season ushers in a palette of opulent earthy tones and an abundance of neutrals, it can be challenging to settle on just one shade (or maybe you’d rather not). Embrace a delightful mix-and-match strategy to flaunt your cherished autumn hues. Observe the harmonious dance of burgundy, olive green, and a soft peachy nude as they combine with a daring black-and-white polka dot accent nail, crafting a manicure that perfectly complements the essence of fall.

8. Pumpkin Spice

No need to stress over complex, time-consuming nail designs. Achieving a stunning fall manicure can be a breeze with just your favorite nude and metallic brown nail polishes, accentuated by a touch of golden sparkle.

9. Flower power

Take your basic nude mani to the next level with some dried nail flowers. This fall inspired nail look is perfect for someone looking for a natural or understated look.

10. Cherry Picked

Who says fall nails have to be neutral colors or boring?? These pink french tip cherry decal nails are perfect to take you from summer to fall (or anytime).

11. Tortoise

Tortoiseshell, a timeless pattern, seamlessly complements every season, but its allure truly shines during the autumn months.

12. Olive to See It

A classic one-color matcha or olive green nail is the perfect understated yet elegant choice for fall. Its deep, earthy tones capture the essence of autumn’s lush landscapes, providing a timeless and versatile look that complements a variety of fall outfits, from cozy sweaters to chic outerwear.

13. Bronze Beauty 

This is a timeless set of almond-shaped nails adorned with a lustrous metallic rose gold hue. These nails exude an undeniable elegance and sophistication, catching the light with a captivating shimmer that adds a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

14. Mix & Match French Tips

Elevate your classic manicure with some color. This multi-color french tip nail style is perfect for a pop of color in your fall wardrobe.

15. Pumpkin Carving

Get ready to slay the Halloween game with these Jack-O-Lantern nails that are all treats and no tricks. The best part about this style is that you can choose to keep the cute grins, or go for a spooky style.

16. Caramel Copper

Iz calls these cowgirl copper nails πŸ€ πŸ‚βœ¨. Replicate this look by using @the_gelbottle_inc BIAB 19, Caramel, Copper chrome & Extreme shine top coat. We think the accent nails really make this look.

17. Green Leaves

Indulge in some nail art whimsy with two-tone green French tip nails, a playful twist on a classic style that effortlessly blends a tranquil sage base with vibrant emerald tips. These chic nails offer a fresh and lively take on sophistication, ideal for a trendy, nature-inspired look.

18. Groovy Nail Art

If you’ve been scrolling through looking for a maximalist style stop here! This monochromatic brown nail set is anything but boring. With groovy flowers and checkerboard accents, you’ll definitely be getting compliments.

19. Neutral Half Moon

Explore the epitome of autumnal chic with a monochromatic brown nail style, where rich cocoa and warm caramel hues meld seamlessly to create a sophisticated and earthy palette. Elevating the design are elegant half-moon accents, delicately showcasing an alternate shade, adding a touch of intrigue and depth to your nails. This style effortlessly captures the cozy and elegant essence of fall.

20. Minimalistic Shades

Can you tell we love the monochromatic style yet? This one is achieved with some neutral tone browns and whites – with a simple accent nail of alternating color dots.

Final Thoughts

Autumn is quietly creeping in. While the calendar might not officially declare its arrival, the brisk chill in the early mornings and late evenings leaves no doubt that fall is just around the corner.

And as it approaches, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes, swap out our summer shoes for cozier options, and, for those nail art enthusiasts, carefully choose the perfect manicures to flaunt in the coming months. We’ve got your back on that last part. Our Instagram expedition has unearthed a treasure trove of incredibly stylish fall nail ideas. Below, discover twenty-four nail designs that will keep your fingertips looking fabulous all season longβ€”and who knows, maybe even beyond.

Still haven’t found your go-to fall nail look? Check out our inspo board for over 50 other options 🀩 –Β 

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