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Whimsical Lavender Nail Designs to Try

Lavender is the perfect hue to lift your spirits and give you that one-of-a-kind look. It’s neutral enough to pair with any other color, but still has plenty of scopes to experiment with. Let these Lavender Nail Designs inspire you!  The subtle purple tints in these designs are sure to soothe and relax you. Add …

Lavender is the perfect hue to lift your spirits and give you that one-of-a-kind look. It’s neutral enough to pair with any other color, but still has plenty of scopes to experiment with. Let these Lavender Nail Designs inspire you! 

The subtle purple tints in these designs are sure to soothe and relax you. Add a dash of romance to your everyday look by sporting these chic and simple lavender nail designs. The best thing about these looks is that they can be worn on any occasion or at any time of the year. 

Butterfly French Lavender Nails

In recent years, it has been popular to create French nail patterns without the use of white. For the spring season, lavender might be a better option than white. Making little ornaments for your nails like butterfly stickers and small rhinestones can also enhance their attractiveness. The finest illustration of this is making it glossy and shiny.

Lavender Daisy Print Nails

Flower-printed nails are preferred by young women. Charming ladies usually prefer this type of nail in the spring season. Of course, shades of pink and purple are used as colors. Lavender color is one of them. In fact, the use of lavender flowers here is a nice reference to spring.

Glittery Lavender Nails

On glitter nails, it is frequently used with lavender nail paint. When putting glitter on the nails, the color purple is a popular design choice. If you’d like, you may also use different colors of gray, however since lavender is such a light color, your glitters might disappear. This design is a good style for everyday wear.

Artistic Coffin-shape Lavender Nails

One of the most popular choices for ladies is long coffin nails. This comes naturally to every fashionista girl. Coffin nails are extremely tough to apply and maintain, but your task becomes a little bit simpler when you pick hues like lavender. Add some nail stickers with mandala designs or any other artistic designs. You can also try a nail stamp for an easier way of recreating this design. This is a stylish style you can try with your pair of blue jeans.

Summer Style Lavender Nails

This summery nail design is currently quite popular. There are a lot more alternatives, particularly for big and long nails. The nail’s surface area is the main cause of this. The finest illustration of this lovely design would best fit in a coffin nails. You can add an image or design of a palm tree in each nail but choosing two feature nail would make it look simple but pretty. This will perfectly fit with your two piece swimming wear or any bohemian outfit.

Crystal Lavender Ombre Nails 

The idea of painting lavender-colored ombre nails has already been one of the best style you can try on this year. However, this design is different. Especially that it look like a crystal because of glitters, rhinestones, shiny gems. You could ask your manicurist to do this style for you because it might be a quite challenging design to recreate. Additionally, this is still an excellent practice you can try with various nail designs. You can wear this in any formal occassion.

Flower Lavender Nails 

Lavender nails are quite favored and trendy. Over the years, this lovely color has become a new fashion trend. With the help of other ladies and the celebrities who gave it a boost, it has grown into a spectacular trend. Use a lavender base coat before adding the flower design and use a clear top coat to preserve the beauty of the design.

Pink to Lavender Ombre Nails

This design is an ombre style from pink to lavender hue! You can see how well lavender and pink work together. Try this style using a Stilleto shape nails but you can also use a rounded and coffin shape nails. This color would fit perfectly on people with fair complexion but you can still try a darker shade for dark complexions.Clearly, you can try this to all outfits on your wardrobe.

Long Lavender Nails with Golden Flakes

The light pink and lavender hues are remarkably close to one another, despite the fact that applying them to the nails in an ombre fashion looks like a good idea. Applying such ombre designs to coffin-shaped nails, for this reason, looks amazing. Try this style with acrylic nails and add gold flakes to make it look more elegant. 

Spooky Light Lavender nails

This design has a glittery light lavender base coating with a cute spooky design of ghost and bat images. The nails are exceptionally well-groomed and have an almond-like shape. You don’t need too long nails to make this look gorgeous. A medium-length nail is enough to make it attractive.

Elegant Lavender Nails

Women are really interested in spring nail art and color schemes. So try this elegant subtle lavender color with a glossy finish. Adding a butterfly image and stripe that can help in making this style look more promising. Additionally, the nail’s length is enough for a professional lady. You can wear this style for work. 

Neon Lavender Nails with Butterfly Sticker

This nail design is perfect for any birthday occasion and will suit your lovely gown! Begin with a plain lavender coating. Make sure to add two to three base coats till it no longer looks transparent. Decorate these spaces with butterflies to produce a lovely nail design. Pretty adorable butterfly patterns can be made using nail stickers.

Lavender and Nude Nails 

Lavender is known to be one of the beaches and the sea’s most harmonizing hues in the summer that can help your nail art designs look spectacular and alluring. Instead of using a simple lavender shade in this case, adding another color like nude to the nail would make it look more lovely. Try to design your nails with curly stripes and hearts for a cute appearance.

Silver Feature and Lavender nails

This nail design is inspired with a french style and the fashionable nail trend with a feature nail. The nail polish used here has a glossy look, which is the key distinction. You can see the shiny silver glitter-covered nail on the feature nail and a full lavender nail on the three nails. To make it look more spectacular, try using a french tip on one of your nails. This Lavender nail design is perfect for every formal occasion you wish to attend.

Cloudy Lavender Nails

The lavender tint is more common during spring and summer but you can also try this during winter season because of its cool color. Start by painting your nails with Lavender then use a white polish in creating 2D clouds. The white clouds shall represent spring in the sky with this style. Wear this nail design together with your bright-colored outfits.

Lavender and Pink Nails With Lovely Details

In recent years, wearing gemstones on your nails has become popular but using flowers and golden foil has always been a trend. Women find it quite challenging to keep up with this new trend. Because it is quite tough to use and maintain these lovely long nails in coffin shape. Although, no one can’t deny the harmony of the lavender hue with the flowers tahat gives it a cheerful look. As you can see, it blends beautifully with the purple-toned gems as well which you can add in the middle of flower designs.

Pretty lavender Nails

These pretty feature nails have emerged as a new fashion but trying different styles on every nail will complete this style! Make this style minimal and simple to keep its elegance. The main justification for this is that the lavender color will match a clear or nude nail. This style will definitely be suitable for formal occasions.

Long Stiletto Lavender Nails

Glossy lavender nails have always been popular with all girls. This pattern is not new. However, you will get more stunning and aggressive nails if your lavender nails are on long and stiletto-shaped nails. You can still try using matte nail paint if you wish. This wouldn’t suit well on small nails so you should try using acrylic nails to make it look perfect. 

Fancy Lavender Nails

This is a glitzy nail art style. It also has to do with the energy of spring and summer. You can try to make alternate fancy style on your fingernails. Adding glitters, black and white polish and a shiny clear coat will make this style glamorous. However, the embellishments employed here are a little different.This would be perfect for any nail lengths and shapes.

Matt Light and Dark Lavender

Today, there are many different nail paint colors and patterns to pick from. On lavender nails, you may also create other color combos but using same color in different shades could be one of the best option you must try to look sexy and stunning. In this way, the beauty of lavender is undoubtedly perfect. Add small rhinestones according to your own desire to give it a royal touch.

Starry Lavender Nails

Wearing lavender color on your nails has become popular. But adding stars and glitters to it would make it more stunning. Women find it quite challenging to keep up with this style because it is quite tough to recreate. The harmony of the lavender hue with the shimmering stars is what makes it grab attention. As you can see, stars blend beautifully with purple-toned polish.

Metallic Lavender Nails

A simple mirror-like polish would be the best option if you are concerned about your nail maintenance but you don’t want to sacrifice good quality nail polish. The metallic lavender is easy to apply but could give you a royal nail. Use a high-quality glossy coating on top of it to keep the stunning style.

Black Polka Dots on Lavender Nails

Request this nail design from your manicurist if they are talented and creative enough to recreate this look. However, you may do this at home because it is simple and easy to replicate. These manicure designs would look great on younger girls and those who have an important event coming up.

Lavender Nails with Gemstones

Do you prefer a bold and long nail? If so, give this idea a go! Try this nail design with acrylic nails then add gemstone accents that would look great on your party with the girls. If you like square-shaped, coffin-shaped, or almond-shaped nails, you can do so. This design will make it easy for you to remake just don’t forget to add glitters, rhinestones, and flowers. Keep in mind not to overly decorate this nail design to keep its elegance.

Heart Feature Lavender Nails

Women who favor acrylics and longer hairstyles may appreciate this design. If you want to express your respect and love in a unique feminine style, use a heart-shaped emblem made of lavender glitter on a nude nail base. Use a glittery nail base on one of the nails and leave the rest with plain lovely lavender nails.

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