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Long Nail Designs to Show Your Manicurist

You don’t need to be an expert in order to create amazing long nail designs. You can do it as long as you have the right tools and ideas on what to do. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make long nails, but you can also come up with your own design …

You don’t need to be an expert in order to create amazing long nail designs. You can do it as long as you have the right tools and ideas on what to do. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make long nails, but you can also come up with your own design too. You just need a bit of imagination and some creativity in order for that to happen. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can create your own long nail designs.

Matte Black with Gold Glitters

Black and gold are two hues that naturally look amazing together, and in this manicure, the nails are coated with a matte black polish with a minimal gold design on a feature nail. This is ideal for longer nails, as the longer your nails are, the more it would look lovely that you can wear them to any party.

Pastel Nails with Accessories

These nails are a pastel orange color and have a gorgeous design that would look great with any clothing. This long nail art features fingers with flowers and gems, which provide a touch of elegance. This style has a gradient effect  with small jewels that shimmer in the sun, and there is one flowery display of white daisies that would go nicely with a pearl necklace or a lacey dress. You can try this design and choose from a variety of colors. If you want to try something unique, give this a go instead of the standard orange nails.

Matte Green with Gold Flakes

Sometimes the simplest long nail designs capture our attention the most. This concept is based on an odd shade of green, yet it is a gentle shade that will complement your everyday attire. Every finger is decorated with gold flakes that will be perfect for any formal attire.

Nude Nails with Colorful Tips

This is a sexy design on a nude base coat. These French tip fingernails are a soft pink tint with a heavy layer of glitter on the tips that will transform your nails from nice and basic to stylish and fascinating. Finally, apply a clear layer over the glitter to make it glow in the light.

Soft Pink Nails with Jewels

This style is difficult to master, but it works perfect on long fingernails. The nails are a light pink color. Some have white polish, but the majority of the highlight on this style comes from glitter and diamonds that are carefully  placed on the nail to make a one-of-a-kind effect. The gemstones would look great on the middle finger if you want to try something fancy.

Cute Dotted Yellow Nails 

These nails are fantastic since they have some unusual geometrical patterns. The base coating is yellow, but you can make your nails distinct, with swirls, dots, square, cones of ice-cream and other patterns. In fact, this is a summery style that may also be worn at birthday parties and formal parties.

Soft Purple Nails with Shimmers

This design is spectacular to make if you don’t have a steady hand to paint fine details on your fingernails. After painting the nails, a delicate purple tint is added over the base polish. Add glitters to each nail and be creative as you create this amazing long nail design. Wear this at your office and it will surely grab your colleagues’ attention.

Space Design on Black Nails 

This is a one-of-a-kind nail style that mimics the stars in the galaxy when viewed from Earth. This design has a black base coat with a single coat of tiny glitter that appears like distant stars. You can paint an astronaut, and use a nail sticker or a stamp to add images.  The pattern is then covered in clear nail polish, which adds shine and makes your nails stand out.

Maroon Nails with Gems

This design is ideal for really long nails to look perfect. The nails will be a solid shade of red that seems practically black in bright environments, but it is really a mysterious maroon color. Choose a finger to highlight, then apply little jewels adjacent to your cuticle. You may also add gold flakes on a few of your nails to add more design. This would look very sexy and elegant when you wear it with a gown.

Black nails with Rainbow Design

This design will bring some color into your life. Each nail has a base color of black, however, a pattern of a rainbow is drawn and painted on the nails.  You may include limited colors like red,  yellow, blue, and purple in this gallery image, but you may select which fingernails will only have the effect of a patterned rainbow. This would be perfect for a long nail to make the design visible.

Matte Round Nails in Two Shades

If you’re searching for a vibrant hue to paint your nails that will work for both your everyday appearance and a night out on the town, this maroon polish may be the perfect choice when paired  with blue. You can paint two of your fingers maroon and the other two blue. Combine both colors in your nails on your middle finger and let it serve as a feature nail with golden flakes. It’s a matte paint, so there’s not much shine, but it looks wonderful, particularly on round nails.

Sexy Pink Nails with White Tips

This long nail design is unique not just because it appears great on longer nails, but also because the paint is hot pink, which looks sexy. This nail design is a metallic pink, and the French style tips are white.  If you want a softer hue, you may paint the same design with another color of polish.

Neon Pink Nails with Jewels

If you want a design suitable for a queen, consider this one. This design begins with a layer of glossy neon pink paint. When the polish has dried, pick two or three nails to highlight. One will have glitter all over the nail adjacent to the cuticle, while the other will be decorated with stones of all shapes and sizes.

Lovely Pink Coffin Nails

Pink is a popular shade for manicure styles, particularly when you have long, coffin-shaped nails. You can choose one accent nail, which will be decorated with jewels to make this style a little more unique. These stones are used minimally so that the pink may be seen clearly. A single strip of small jewels will be enough to recreate this style.

Red Ruby Nails

These ruby-red nails are eye-catching and enticing. This sparkling nail design appears to be ideal for a night on the town, but it is also ideal if you intend to dress up as a vampire for Halloween. It is very simple to recreate, so if you’re looking for great nails quickly, try them.

Glossy and Matte Green Nails

A long nail design does not necessarily have to have a complicated or  difficult-to-create design. In reality, this notion just slightly changes the green tint of your nails. you can use a  shiny and matte top coat to make diifferences from each nail design.

Natural Nails with Golden Flakes

If you prefer doing your manicures at home, here is another simple concept that will only take a few minutes of your time to do. Begin by coating your nails in a natural or clear polish similar to the one shown in this image. After the paint has dried, apply golden flakes below the tips of your nails.

Glittery Red and Nude Nails

This is the ideal long nail style for anyone who wishes to achieve a beautiful, yet mysterious and playful look. The main fingers are all coated with nude and then with a glitterry red on top of it leaving a cresent moon shape adjacenrt to the cuticle. You may also play around to make a stylish feature nail with the glittery red polish. This is perfect for any red outfit as well.

Nude Nails with Golden Flakes

A nude design is a brilliant way to have nails that can be worn in both a casual and formal setting, but this style includes a gold flakes overlay on the every fingernail that gives it a touch sophistication. The design is most likely created with a stencil, but it needs to be simple to recreate at home.

Glamorous Peach Nails

If you want to go for a traditional style with a twist, this is the long nail design for you. To get this basic design, apply a base layer of a peach color to all of your nails. Then, add glitters to enhance the design of your nails. Don’t forget to do the finishing with a clear coat.

Clear Stilleto Nails

If you enjoy long nails, this is a fantastic look for you. This nail design has a crystal-like pattern that looks like an icicle. The ends of the nails are left pointed and are covered in small and big glitters. This glitter, which may come in shapes like hearts, will give your fingernails a mystical appearance that looks fantastic.

Glittery Ruby Red Nails

You can’t go wrong with this style if you have long nails. You may give one fingernail on every hand a matte finish while leaving the others glossy. Add a glitter topcoat to two of the polished nails once the polish has dried. The beautiful pattern seems like it took a lot of time to make, and the many shades of ruby red look gorgeous


Colorful Striped Nails

The finest nail designs always include feature nais, and this design is really playful nail art that you should try on your own fingernails. Two fingernails must appear to have been rubbed on with a paintbrush, resulting in a stripe design in different colors. The accent color must be bright or vibrant, like  pink, yellow, red, green, purple, and blue, while the rest of the nail is left black with a matte clear topcoat.

Yellow Floral Nails

This nail design is quite simple to replicate. Begin by applying yellow nail polish on your nails. Make sure it’s thick enough so that your nails don’t show through. Then, decorate your nails with little flowers on your ring fingers. Flowers don’t have to be flawless to look good on long nails. After that, you can try the French tip styles on the rest of the nails. Finish this nail design with a clear topcoat.

Pretty Spooky Pink Nails

For anyone searching for a lovely, natural look for their nails, this is the finest choice for long nails. It is simple to achieve this style with acrylic, and adding spooky drawings to the design is a simple effort that will take your fingernails to the next level.

White Marble Stiletto Nails

Nails should be painted white for this style. Use many layers until the white is completely opaque. After that, add different shades of blue to help you make a marble design. Use a glossy finish on your nails to keep them beautiful.

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