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25+ Regal Royal Blue Nail Designs for Your Next Manicure

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Try rocking a bold, royal blue manicure. It’s one of those colors that almost everyone seems to shy away from but is actually a very versatile shade. You can find it in everything from clothing and accessories to food and drinks for special occasions. But we love it …

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Try rocking a bold, royal blue manicure. It’s one of those colors that almost everyone seems to shy away from but is actually a very versatile shade. You can find it in everything from clothing and accessories to food and drinks for special occasions. But we love it most on our nails!

Nice nails are important for anyone who wants to present themselves well. A good set of nails also plays an important role in your personal hygiene routine. When you have attractive nails, you feel confident and sure of yourself when meeting new people or going to parties. If you want to update your nail look, we’ve got royal blue nail designs that will take your breath away! Believe us, there are so many different ways you can use this color!

Royal Blue Short Nails

Short royal blue nails are really a stunning way to achieve a stylish and low-maintenance look. With the correct tint and design, short blue nails may be fresh, lively, and adorable. The brilliant royal blue color enables you to draw attention.  This color is lovely on its own, but it can be dressed up with a gold glitter nail or traditional French tips for a more feminine look. Explore amazing nail art such as white flowers, bows, or hearts for a bold and elegant look. While simple, short nails with royal blue color may attract attention.

Sleek Long Nails

Long royal blue nails are an excellent option for women who wish to integrate cute motifs and art into their manicures. Longer nails naturally lengthen the fingers, allowing your hands to appear more attractive. Before selecting a design, you should carefully analyze the form of your fingernails. Stiletto and almond nails provide less space for bright nail art, however, square or coffin tips allow your manicurist plenty of room to work with. Feminine artwork, such as florals and hearts, might be appealing alternatives for a beautiful manicure. To add dimension to your nails, explore unique shapes by adding diamonds.

Sparkles + Rhinestone Shimmer Blue

Royal blue ombre nails are a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking appearance for fashionable ladies who desire a manicure that stands out. A traditional gradient fade is mixed effortlessly, matching a complexion nude with a dramatic royal blue. Highlight the progressive fading with a fine almond shape for a lovely finish that looks utterly ethereal. While a shiny ombre appearance is more luminous, a matte texture can effortlessly modify your look while concealing chips and dings. Before you take the plunge, think about how strong you wish your fade to be, as this may affect the aesthetic of your manicure.

Queen Royal Blue and Silver Nails

Women with cool-toned complexions who want to add a bit of glitter might opt for royal blue and silver nails. This look works with any attractive blue color, but it looks especially striking with darker colors for added contrast that will stick out. You can experiment with shimmery tips or express your creativity with novel split nail styles. Several layers of opaque silvery polish would catch the light nicely if you want to make an accent nail. Explore more styles with flakes and icy metallic polishes for the ultimate winter manicure over the holiday season.

Matte Royal Blue Nails

Matte royal blue nails are indeed a sophisticated look that allows you to play with texture. Matte nails actually look good when the color does the talking, but for a bit of glitz, add diamonds or nail art. If you desire an aggressive manicure, request stiletto-shaped fingernails with an aesthetic look from your nail technician. This will give your nails depth and contrast while keeping the distinctive matte polish in the spotlight.

Royal Blue and Pink Princess Nails

Pink and blue nails are a charming way to express your feminine side, resulting in a lively and bright look that’s ideal for the warm season. Hot pinks stand out against royal blues, but a delicate pastel or a vivid bubblegum pink can also be used to keep things quiet. Don’t be afraid to explore split-nail patterns that provide equal weight to both hues. Mix the color, but make sure there is a clear transition between each color for the greatest results.

Royal Blue Almond Nails

Royal blue almond nails are an excellent technique to keep the length. Almond nails have blunter edges than stiletto and coffin varieties, providing you with next-level beauty without looking bad.  This design is extremely delicate and feminine, making it ideal for cloud, heart, star, and flower nail art. An eye-catching gradient fade to a brilliant teal tint might look gorgeous if you’re willing to spend time at the salon.

Shimmering Gel  

Royal blue glitter nails are a simple method to make a dramatic and adaptable design that lets you to show off your playful side. Glitter tips are always beautiful since they don’t reveal wear as your fingernails lengthen out. For a more delicate and beautiful look, experiment adding accent fingernails or lines around the bases of your cuticles. Match your glitter paint to your undertones to create a pleasing polish that will dramatically brighten your skin. Silver and purple tones are more flattering on cool-toned ladies, whilst gold tones instantly enhance warm complexion.

Aesthetic Royal Blue Nails

Your go-to party nail design should always be an acrylic nail. This appears to be highly expensive and classy for any occasion you choose to attend. To retain the glossy texture, use a white crystal clear coating.

Sophisticated Royal Blue Nails

Royal blue acrylic nails are really the greatest approach to achieve a long-lasting and attractive design. To rock this look, you won’t need to stretch out your nails, but you’ll have to able to endure the heavy acrylic polymers. After the artist has applied the acrylic base and shaped the nails into the shape you want, you can add a sophisticated gradient design, sexy diamonds, or detailed nail art to your design. Acrylics are much less prone to breaking than normal polish and gels, but you must maintain your nails and cuticles to avoid damaging your real nails over time.

Romantic Rhinestones

Royal blue rhinestone nails are a glamorous and sensual style for women who enjoy being the focus of attention. Don’t be afraid to go all-out for a sophisticated and eye-catching finish by combining tear-shaped and spherical rhinestones. These shapes can be fashioned into delicate and feminine designs, but you can also obtain a sparkling understated effect by covering the bed of your fingernails with tiny jewels. Rhinestones normally raise the price of a manicure, however, you can easily make a single feature nail using bold crosses or lines to keep things reasonable.

Funky Floral Royal Blue and Yellow Nails

Royal blue and yellow nails are highly eye-catching and may instantly add a pop of color to your summer attire without being gaudy. Choose brilliant royal blue with neon yellow colours to create a striking complementing combo for a strong design. These hues will make your nails stand out from the rest by creating a stark contrast. To make the most of this color scheme, choose a simple block color design or try with artwork that includes tropical florals or polka dots. Try a pale yellow polish or a beautiful gradient design for a more subtle look.

Classic Coffin

Coffin royal blue nails suit practically any woman and add to a gorgeous and elegant appearance. This manicure appears seductive and appealing, however, it is typically created with harsh gels or acrylics. After you’ve formed the shape, you can add glitter, lovely metallic stripes across the middle, or cute modern art to your creation. Stick with a bright gloss polish for a traditional look if you prefer to keep things simple.

Stiletto Dragon Shell Nails

Royal blue stiletto nails are a powerful and appealing option for individuals looking to express serious girl boss vibes. These nails curve sharply to a point, and you can lengthen your manicure by purchasing a set of polish. Although this form can appear dramatic, you can enhance your look with delicate butterflies around your ring finger or a gradient fade. Use a nude varnish on the majority of your fingernail and add color and texture with subtle gold and blue lines or swirls for a refined yet stylish look.

Royal Blue Toenails

A royal blue pedicure looks adorable peeping out of sandals in the summer, however, it will also maintain your feet in perfect shape all year. For a clean aesthetic, keep nails done simple using block color designs; nevertheless, thick shimmers or a solid block of expressive nail designs can work like magic. Don’t be scared to ask for an awesome French tip if you want to get creative. You can even request a matte nail polish to keep your pedicure stay gorgeous for a few weeks.

Blue And Red Combo

Choose a blue and red design if you desire your fingernails to be seen by everyone at a certain gathering. Blue and red are complementary colors. As a result, their combination gracefully highlights your manicure. The advantage of this choice is that it is appropriate for females of all profiles.

Furthermore, both colors are easily accessible. The design process requires very little legwork. Above importantly, the combination is suitable for all kinds of events. To make your fingernails shine, In addition, choose bright colors like glitters and pearls.

Royal Cheetah

If you want to experiment with a more playful but sophisticated look. A leopard print or other animal pattern is a great way to create an aggressive design. This would be ideal for a memorable evening at a fancy gathering. The color and design would be ideal!

Matte Mix Stiletto Nails

This royal blue nail will undoubtedly appeal to you. With this nail design, you will look both stylish and daring. It would look the finest with your stunning gown at any formal event. This works well with long nails.

Classic Blue Nail Art

Design art, like lines, can do amazing styles for your fingernails. You have an infinite number of options here. The reason for this is that the variety of designs available is endless. You can create original artwork every time if you plan ahead of time.

With this excellent combination, you can add a touch of decadence to your manicure. Choose an outfit with floral or comparable designs for a balanced effect. Purchase a matching handbag. Your combination, believe it or not, will be a focal point at the aforementioned event.

Mexican Glass Inspired Nails

Dark royal blue nails look timeless and regal, instantly lifting any outfit with minimal effort. Deeper blue tones offer a gorgeous contrast to pale skin and they easily hide imperfections. This color is particularly striking on coffin nails, but you can also rock your unique style with a bold stiletto or feminine almond design. For a more eye-catching look, choose a design that incorporates a mix of matte and glitter polishes. You can top things off with dazzling diamantes, flecks of gold leaf, or striking black lines for a look that’s fit for royalty.

Luxurious Gold Foil

Royal blue and gold nails lend your fingers a touch of sparkle that looks chic and timeless. Darker shades of royal blue are instantly lifted with lighter gold shades, while vibrant blues work better with deeper gold hues. Adding gold glitter creates a rich contrast that commands attention, but you can keep your look subtle with a small outline design near the cuticle. If you want a cute style that won’t look out of place in professional settings, gently outline the tips of your nails with a vivid gold shade.

Icy Embellished Nails

Royal blue and white nails are a classic and timeless style that allows you to experiment with color and contrast. Blue and white butterfly designs are an extremely popular choice with young women. You can stick with cute outline artwork or invest in intricate styles. If you want something more sophisticated, get creative with chunky blue glitters, white swirls and dazzling patch designs. White also gives you a blank canvas to work with, making it the perfect base for metallic lines and stamping polishes.

Galaxy Sky

Royal blue and black nails offer a beautiful and edgy look that promises to turn heads. As a bold shade that adds depth to any manicure, you can use black to create dimension with patterns, outlines, or a badass ombre fade. If you want to add a feminine touch to your nails, use black polish at the base of your nail with an overlay of silver glitter. For a unique and slightly mismatched design, try an alternating black and royal blue look or a set of daring French tips.

Leveled-up Royal Blue Nails

Royal blue outline nails have become one of the most popular nail designs for creating a subtle but edgy style that looks stunning on quirky and playful women. Outline nails are sometimes referred to as orbit nails and they involve a nail artist circling the nail bed, tips and sides of the nails with a bold color to create a ravishing effect. You’ll want to choose a flattering nude shade as a base before circling the nails with a deep royal blue. Dark shades work well but slightly brighter shades tend to contrast better with delicate nudes.

Funky French Tip Nails

Royal blue French tip nails are a delicate and classic option that is elegantly understated. There are numerous ways to wear this look, but the most stunning is to use a soft pink on the bed of your fingernails with a royal blue tip. This style looks equally good on square or round-tipped nails, and you can simply express your individuality with rhinestones or a shiny outlining design. Pick chevron or matte tips for a more unique style.

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