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Simple Nail Designs You Can Try at Home

Nails can be a great platform for expression. Whether you want to send out an understated or bold message with your nails, the beauty of your hands is never lost on anyone who sees them. This article will help you understand how to do simple nail design at home, so that you don’t have to …

Nails can be a great platform for expression. Whether you want to send out an understated or bold message with your nails, the beauty of your hands is never lost on anyone who sees them. This article will help you understand how to do simple nail design at home, so that you don’t have to go through the pain of going to the salon and spending money on getting your nails done every week. Nail art does not need to be complicated to look good. You just need to put in a little bit of effort and have patience for it. Here are some simple ideas for nail design that you can use at home whenever you feel like spicing things up a bit:

Simple Smiley Nails

You might have been rejoicing whenever springtime arrives with its longer days and better temperatures! Don’t keep those feelings to yourself; instead, show the world how happy you are with these cheery, playful nails. You don’t need long nails to create this style because even your short nails can slay this one. Just choose a light base coat and add nail stickers for the happy faces. Be creative!

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Simple halved Nails

Sometimes being too simple is boring, but what about trying two simple tones on nails? You might genuinely love the lovely shades of brown; you can definitely choose any hue you feel like wearing! You can play along with this simple style by choosing two polishes in different shades to give your natural nails a stunning look!

Simple Star Nails

A simple starry nail design is something that every famous nail artist follows because of the sassy look it brings to the hands. Just simply use your favorite color, like this purple polish for the base coat, and add nail stickers, or you can use nail stamps to make everything easier to do! Finish this design with a glossy top coat to keep its beauty.

Simple Galaxy Nails

This design is very aesthetic. You can mix and match colors as much as you like. Black, on the other hand, is one of the best colors that will match every bright hue out there. Try this galaxy nails by combining pink and black for an elegant and sexy look that is easy to do and still looks stunning even on small nails

Simple Lemon Nails

If you want to brighten up your days, try these basic nails with lemon designs. Even with short nails, this is simple to recreate. To make lemon images, you will simply need nail stickers or nail stamps. Experiment with different styles, such as the French manicure. Just remember to put a clear coat on top of your nail beds to keep the charming design lasting.

Simple Multicolored Nails

Do you want to get a simple but stunning and attractive nail style? Despite the sophisticated appearance of these multicolored nails, this design is surprisingly simple and won’t take you long to recreate. Choose your favorite light color polishes such as lime green, lavender, bright orange, and hot pink. You will undoubtedly have the nicest nails!

Simple Gradient Nails

Pink reminds us of the lovely cherry blossoms that emerge in the spring. Why not try a cherry blossom inspired manicure on your nails? Apply a nude  base coat to your nails before applying a pink shade to the tip. To produce a simple gradient effect from nude to pink, ensure that the colors blend properly. When trying this design, medium to long nails are preferred to appreciate the elegance of the design.

Simple Painted Nails

If you want a style that will complement your natural nails. Try painting black details on your square nails by hand. Explore designs such as spider webs, flames, melting hearts, French tips, and others. You may also add glitter to the details, and the best glitter nail polish is gold or silver. Don’t miss out on recreating this nail design!

Simple Burrberry Nails

This Burberry design is an easy way to boost your standard French manicure or light color palette if you like a nail design that is both subtle and sophisticated but basic. To help you recreate the design at home, use a fine nail art brush. This will undoubtedly be your go-to nails for an everyday outfit.

Simple Light Stripe Nails

All you need for this simple and attractive striped design is a household staple- masking tape. This is an easy style you can try.  To draw the line, cover the tip and bottom of your nails, then remove after everything is totally dry. To achieve this charming look, use pastel colors. This pattern will absolutely complement your jeans perfectly.

Simple Decal Nails

Another shortcut if you like to have a quick, fancy-looking nail art is nail stickers. These Chinese characters and black images are ideal for a solid white base coat, but you can experiment with different colors if you wish. To achieve this look, your nails do not need to be overly long; short nails are also suitable.

Simple Cute Nails

The mismatched nail trend has been massive and popular, and this effortlessly simple nail aesthetic isn’t going away anytime soon. Trying different patterns and colors will put your creativity to the test when designing a simple and beautiful nail art. This design may appear simple, but it has a playful vibe. 

Simple Neon Nails

Yes, this neon nail design appears complex, but all you require is a few of your favorite neon polish hues, a fine-line brush, and a shiny topcoat if you prefer the trendy flat finish. Wear this nail design on your next night out with the girls and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Simple Tri-color Nails

Tri-color nails have always been fashionable and easy to do. Choose three vivid colors of your choice and try this pattern with a tape to achieve a flawless finish. This can be your nails for any clothing in your wardrobe. Add a glossy clear coat for a dazzling finish.

Simple Dotted Nails

Create a minimalist but stylish against the natural nails! Apply three to four coats of white nail polish until your nails no longer look transparent. And in order to keep this style from having a boring finish, add dots in various colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, and others. Make sure to leave some negative spaces to keep it simple. Just add a top coat and you’re ready to go. 

Simple Butterfly Nails

Tattoos have always been a means for girls to express themselves, but if you’re not like that, you should try this cute and adorable short nails with white and pink tint. To spice things up, apply a butterfly nail sticker and let your lovely nails inspire others. You may wear this look at any party, formal or casual.

Simple Starry Night Nails

Do your manis start off sloppy? You’ll enjoy this one! A french tip nail design with a hand-painted moon, stars, and dots starry night patterns in white polish. This is simple to recreate using black nail polish, but if you have time to visit your nail salon, you may ask your manicurist to try this basic yet classy french style nail design.

Simple Orange Nails

Orange is a fantastic hue for nail art. Wear an orange color with gold glitters or embellishments if you want to try simple and gorgeous nail art. Use your creativity to create a beautiful and gorgeous design using this color. This is ideal for a formal event!

Simple Pastel Nails

Pastel hues are flattering on every skin tone, but you must choose the appropriate shade for your nails. Purple and yellow pastel colors are one of the best options because they complement each other perfectly, especially when worn on nails. You can copy this nail pattern or simply recreate it with your own version!

Simple Modern Nails

French nail arts are well-known for a reason: they are simple to create at home and look lovely and clean. However, to give this nail design a sassy vibe, experiment with different hues such as orange, green, white, and yellow. You can try to create abstract geometrical patterns as you wish. Add little rhinestones to make it more attractive. Additionally, this looks excellent with any office attire.

Simple Nude Nails

Nude nails will always be available for any stylish girl who wants to look both simple and attractive. Try a nude nail design to catch the attention of everyone at a party. Use a matte finish instead of a sparkly one to give it a special texture.

Simple Pink Flower Nails

Pink has always been linked with a feminine appearance. Why not try using this hue to make small flowers on your nails? Before you hand paint flowers in each nail, apply a natural or transparent base coat to your fingernails. To keep it simple, use two tones of pink and a clear topcoat to preserve its brilliance. You may also apply this nail design in any length.

Simple Swirl Nails

This pastel nail with swirl shapes and patterns is a basic design that will look great on short nails. Paint your nails with animal designs or glitter nail polish to express your creativity. This can be worn every day without being overly adorned.

Simple Glittery Nails

Several nail polishes have already been released at this time. A glittering finish does not require much work any longer. Simply purchase a nail paint with a glitter effect from a store or ask your manicurist to make your nails spectacular with a shimmering polish. If you want to make a more trendy design, match this simple and easy nails design with any nude hue.

Simple Wavy Nails

To truly appreciate the season of autum, you don’t even need to add flowers. These swirls break up the design, make it fascinating, and add movement to a boring stripe design. Try pairing two of your favorite hues that complement each other perfectly, such as pink and gray.



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