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25+ Cute Smiley Face Nails to Brighten Your Day

Smiley face designs are the cutest and easiest nail art to master. If you’ve ever felt like your nails could use a little more 'omg' then this simple as well as cute DIY is for you. You don’t even need an elaborate collection of tools or an expensive kit to create these small, happy faces …

Smiley face designs are the cutest and easiest nail art to master. If you’ve ever felt like your nails could use a little more ‘omg’ then this simple as well as cute DIY is for you. You don’t even need an elaborate collection of tools or an expensive kit to create these small, happy faces on your nails. All you need is some nail paint, and some patience. Check this amazing styles!

Similar Smiley Nails

With these one-love-inspired smiling face nails, you can keep the party going. Add a nude pink base to the bed of your fingernails to achieve this look. Silver shimmers or flakes can be used to enhance the appearance of your nails. After the first two coats have dried, you may begin adding circles in various colors and painting cheerful faces on them. This is a pretty fun style that will go well with your denim!

Fun Jelly Smiley Nails

See-through jelly manicures meet holographic smiley faces, and just with one look, it will definitely make you happy. This is excellent for long nails so you can see the effects of the jelly nails fully. You can experiment with the look by using different colors as you wish.

Unusual Smiley Nails

The mismatch trend is still a fun trend, so consider this gorgeous emoji nail if you want to achieve a gorgeous and interesting style. Using black and white will create an unusual aesthetic, however, smileys must be placed on a simple white background. In outlining smiling faces, you can use any color you choose!

Tie-Dye Smiley Nails 

I’m sure you’ve heard about the tie-dye clothing fad. So, how about applying the style to your nails? It would be a vibrant and eye-catching look for the cheerful faces you want to include. This might be your next look for a casual night out!

Black and Yellow Smiley Nails

These classic yellow smileys look great on matte black nails. It would appear to be a stylish mismatch. However, you may maintain a shiny and glossy appearance by using a clear coating. You can add shimmers if you wish, but keep them to a minimum to avoid looking excessively artistic.

Colorful Smiley Nails

Make a vibrant gradient effect with varied colors to be entertaining. You can choose whatever light hue you want, such as yellow, orange, pink, neon green, or others. With excellent nail art, you can enjoy a fun picnic day with your friends the next time.

Traditional Yellow Smiley Nails

You can choose which smiley faces display on your fingers, and you can even choose different faces based on your mood on any particular day. Use a natural coating before painting happy faces to keep things simple. This is a nice style for school that will make you feel fantastic.

Gradient Smiley Nails

You should take this style into your mind. This time, give your nails with gradient effect and a somewhat shimmering design. With yellow smileys on your nails, you may create the appearance of a vivid cat-eye design. This would be ideal for your everyday fun clothes! You should think about this the next time you have a birthday party with your girlfriends!

Cute Nails

We have a few favorite nail designs. This one not only has a smiling face, but it also has an abstract design.  You can use any geometric shape and color it. It doesn’t have to appear exactly like a face; basic forms that are attractive and abstract will do.

Short Smiley Nails

The nice part about the smiley trend is that you don’t need long nails to pull it off. For your fingernails, you might go with a simple design. Make an effort to use this in bright, plain colors as well.

Electrified Smiles

We’re swooning in three words. There’s so lot to admire about this cheery little manicure, from the vibrant hues to eye-catching motifs. Create a design that makes your smileys appear electric. This would be a fantastic and enjoyable style!

Vibrant Print Nails

These chic nails remind us of a sunny day picnic. So positive. You might try adding flowers to the fingers you want to highlight and creating a French tip style that looks like an eye closed. For a more spectacular appearance, choose vibrant and complementing hues.

Long Shiny Nails

So easy, yet so enjoyable. What’s more, guess what? You can easily recreate this look using neon colors and a toothpick or dotting tool that can be used to dip in bright polish. Before adding extra textures, start with a clear base.

One Smile on Nails

You can try this style because it is beautiful and vibrant. Mix and match several neon and brilliant hues to brighten your day! This looks great with denim pants and a bright top. You’ll fall in love with your nails after trying this design. Choose one of your fingernails and draw a smiley to make it look amazing!

Rainbow Smiley Nails

This rainbow manicure has made us all completely obsessed. Instead of coating each matte nail in smiles, try it with gloss. So appropriate—and so simple to replicate—but putting the colors together makes a significant impact. This technique is not restricted to a matt finish because you can make it look glossy as well. Don’t forget to add any desired accessories!

Emotional Nails

It’s never all sunshine and rainbows. Knowing how to be sad is as important as knowing how to be happy. That’s why we adore these easy-to-make happy/sad nails. Simply dip a toothpick inside the color you choose to make faces on each nail but black is ideal, and then use white nail polish to paint the inner eyes and mouth.

Multi-colored Nails

Another smiley manicure that has captured our hearts is this style. We like how this one incorporates eyes, hearts, and a lot of colors. Try out this multi-colored nail art. This would be a wonderful nail art to do on a day or holiday trip. You’ll look great after this!

Matte Blue Smiley Nails

Matte polish with a smiling face on nails is very entertaining. Given the thin lines, this one may require the assistance of a professional nail artist. Blue and white are an incredible complement to an ice feeling. This would be ideal for a vacation!

Pure Yellow Smiley Nails

When it comes to the smiley-face nail trend, you cannot go wrong with bright yellow polish. These cute styles can surely make you smile. Because yellow is the happiest hue, you should experiment with this look. You can use black polish to create a happy expression on one of your nails. You can put a smiling face on each nail too if you want.

Generational Smiley Nails

Smileys are very ’90s, and this manicure plainly says ’97 shows it even more. You may complement the dazzling look of your finger with charming accessories. This design will never go out of style, regardless of generation.

Flower and Smiley Nails

Holographic ombré glitter is the ideal backdrop for happy faces. Add flowers in vibrant hues so this would look excellent in this design. To make this seem basic but exciting, use a white or clear base. This will undoubtedly make for a fantastic day of nail art!

Smiley French Tips

You can have a seriously cheerful manicure without putting smileys on every nail. Take a peek at this adorable French design. Choose an extremely bright color polish, such as neons for your tips. Avoid over-styling by not using too many accessories. To avoid ruining the look, always use a clear top coating!

Pointy Smiley Nails

This tiny smiley makes us very happy. This is ideal for highly pointed nails. Try the french tip style with your preferred color and a pink nude as the base. Make sure you don’t forget to apply a clear top coat.

Classy Smiley Nails

Don’t have time to do an extreme nail look? Simply dip a toothpick in a black color polish for detailing the nail with smiles to look enthusiastic, if not more so. You can experiment with this yellow and white combo to resemble the brightness of the sun.

Minimalistic Smiley Nails

The effect will be the same regardless of the size of your smileys: a pleasant little manicure that will make you smile every time you look at it. Try this with two or three natural coatings as a base before adding the smileys in soft colors like baby pink and blue.

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