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25 Diamond Nail Designs to Bring the Sparkle

When you think of nail art, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not diamonds. However, diamonds are an excellent choice for nail art. They’re small in size and have a high luster. This makes them perfect for creating detailed patterns on your nails.  We all love the classic look of a simple …

When you think of nail art, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not diamonds. However, diamonds are an excellent choice for nail art. They’re small in size and have a high luster. This makes them perfect for creating detailed patterns on your nails. 

We all love the classic look of a simple manicure with no frills or crazy colors; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t switch it up with something unexpected every now and again. What better way to do that than by adding some sparkly diamond nail designs to your standard red-and-white striped mani? If you love the look of diamonds as much as we do, continue reading to learn more about these beautiful nail art designs

Pink Nails with Minimal Diamond Design

These nails are ideal for you if you prefer styles that require less maintenance than others do because they are so simple. Not only is the color able to be worked with in terms of chipping, but the diamond elements are also kept to a minimum. Because of this, you won’t need to be as careful when you’re working around the house or in the kitchen because you won’t have to worry about losing your nail design.

Touch of Diamond on Rounded Nails

This unique manicure design features a pattern that varies from finger to finger. The pattern consists of a white-tipped first finger, followed by a glitter-tipped second finger, and so on. These eye-catching geometric patterns and designs are sure to be noticed.

Combination of Metal and Matte Rounded Nails

The pairing of black and white is not only on-trend, but also here to stay. With its matte finish, this outfit is even more stylish. Modernize your manicure with this asymmetrical extra nail pattern in white-black combination on nail diamonds. You can try to use matt and metallic polish for this style.

Baby PinkNails and Sparkling Accents

The baby pink color of the nail is the only thing that shows through on these square nails. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the diamonds shattering because they will naturally come off as a result of ordinary wear. Maintaining this style is very simple. Because of the myriad of combinations and designs that are possible with the use of a wide variety of nail jewels, the complete effect is one that is stylish and fashionable.

Oval Shape Nails with Simple diamonds

These simple nails have a natural shade of pink on them, which is a shade of pink that is often ideal for use in formal and business events. The focus nails on every hand are decorated with diamond like gems that are quite subtle but add a sophisticated glitter to the design. Fake diamond nail stickers are ideal for creating the look of these gorgeous nails because using larger diamond nail stickers would negate the goal of creating interesting nails.

Pink Cat-eye Style and Jewels

If you’re a fan of preppy fashion, silver and pink are the ultimate pretty color combo. The nail art and jewel stickers on these nails are really detailed. Those who lay eyes on your nails will be captivated by the delicate lattice designs in a range of pinks and purples.

Sophisticated Black and White Diamonds Nails

This timeless color scheme is perfect for formal occasions like black-tie balls. Put away your search for the ideal pair of heels; these lovely nails already exude sophistication. The jewelry is tasteful and understated, with just the right amount of bling to complement rather than detract.

Luxury Stiletto Nails with Diamonds

With a bluish white color scheme and sharp stiletto style, these nails are made for killing. Diamonds and pearls decorate the edges of each nail, making these hands impossible to ignore. These manicures may require more care than usual, but the end result is definitely worth it. You can try designing it with gold and making it look luxurious.

Pointy Feather-like Nail Art

The small diamond border at the cuticle as well as the feather-like art design on the every nail show that this nail art places a greater emphasis on painted motifs for diamonds. This is a great alternative to trying out three-dimensional manicure stickers or gems if you’re more of a conventional nail art fan.

Marbled Rose Nails 

This nail art displays the pricey earthy material on your own fingertips, so you may match your luxurious marble design.  The glittery nails and sparkling diamonds will draw attention if the distinctive style isn’t enough. These nails are for you if you enjoy traditional yet not basic designs.

Dreamy Winter Nail and Diamonds

As you prepare for those hot cocoas and operas that are so iconic during the winter season, these lovely nails will match the favorite holiday of all! This design incorporates diamond stickers throughout the nails, with a metallic shade of plum and nude.

French Tip and Diamond Nails

This is an excellent option for those who are curious about nail art but aren’t ready to commit to a complete manicure with diamonds. By only decorating one nail at a time with jewelry, you may have the adorable aesthetic without the time commitment.

Shimmering Long Diamond Nails

These pointed nails have deadly looks, in the physical sense. The ombre pattern’s elegant style is a design you have to try!  You can use a large diamond and small gems around it.  Anyone who notices the elements in these fingernails will be seduced. 

Mesmerizing Pinkish white Nail Design

Any princess or ballerina searching for that feminine touch will look beautiful in this pinkish white base. These mesmerizing nails with pearl and diamond trim could not be more feminine and well-kept. It can be  further enhanced with amazing shimmers too!

Black Metallic Nails and Gold Jewels

Gold contrasts with a black base better than any other colored metallic polish. The golden yellow offers a fantastic contrast against the darkness of black, which creates an incredible fingernail design that is rarely used. In addition,  the gold diamonds that line the nail beds add to the overall contrast.

Daring Unicorn Nails with Diamonds

This lovely pink color is enhanced with the holographic effect that is so fashionable these days. The whole effect is comparable to the amazing Unicorn Style, making it ideal for anyone considering a vacation anywhere. This is a very fun and playful style. You can try to draw a unicorn face or simply add a sticker.

Nude and Royal Blue Diamonds Nail Design

Royal blue is the color that screams elegance the loudest, and these stunning nails make it even more dazzling with their matte texture. The usage of clear, white or blue diamonds against this matt finish draws attention to this look’s luxurious finish. This normally lavish design is starkly contrasted with the royal blue accent nails.

Glamorous Pink Almond Nails 

Because of their simplicity, these glamorous nails would be acceptable by the new age royals. Not every princess requires a showy gown or crown to be recognized and appreciated as such. This modest diamond tiara design is ideal for those who wish to keep a low profile while yet taking care of themselves. Try this style by asking your manicurist to make an almond shaped nail for you for best results.

Two Feature Nails with Diamonds

Despite the fact that each nail in this palette has a distinct shade or color,  the overall monochrome effect creates a stunning final appearance. Each color works beautifully with the one before it, and the abundance of gems on the two feature nails gives the overall look a dramatic yet elegant style.

Diamond Tip on Short Nails

This unusual style on a white French design replaces the traditional hue with one that is more vibrant. A single row of diamonds that runs down the colored nail tip emphasizes this contrast from the nail bed’s original color. Overall, this style adds some playfulness to a classic and well-liked look. If you think you can slay it with short nails, the answer is yes!

Traditional French Nails with gems

Even though French tip nails are a well-known classic in the world of manicures and pedicures, you may continue to draw attention to this interesting style by choosing a small gemstones accent nail to complete the look. This is best for everyday wear because of its minimalistic style but enough to grab people’s attention.

Fairy Square Nails

This lovely ombre design is inspired by the clear blue sky before sunrise. This simple design is embellished with two gems that cover the beds of the cuticles of the two feature nails on each hand. This look is ideal for individuals who prefer to keep things simple but appreciate color and a bit of sparkle in their lives. But even if it is simple, this will give you fairy-like nails.

Girly Nude Nail with Diamonds

These super soft but girly nails are a low-maintenance option that can be worn to the office and with any outfit. These nails have a touch of sparkle thanks to the diamonds on the finger on both hands. This will incredibly be the design your colleagues would admire!

Sparkling Gray Nails and  Diamonds

Gray and silver are common color combinations, but this unique style of  combining solids and glitters is likely to catch the imagination of anyone who lays eyes on it. The finishing of the design is made more delicate by the application of small gems at the base of each accent nail.

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