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25 Purple Nail Designs to Try

Who doesnโ€™t love purple? Purple is one of the most beautiful colors, loved by everyone. The royal hue looks amazing on every skin tone, and especially those with fair or olive skin tones. Purple nail art is in trend these days, but there are not many purple-themed designs available. There are plenty of red, black …

Who doesnโ€™t love purple? Purple is one of the most beautiful colors, loved by everyone. The royal hue looks amazing on every skin tone, and especially those with fair or olive skin tones. Purple nail art is in trend these days, but there are not many purple-themed designs available. There are plenty of red, black and gold nail art ideas out there, but not so many purple ones. With so many different hues of purple to choose from โ€“ lavender, lilac, violet, eggplant etc., you can easily come up with an amazing manicure for any occasion. Here is a collection of purple color nail art designs which will give you new ideas for your next mani-pedi session at home:

Spooky Purple Nails 

If Halloween is approaching quickly, you absolutely have to give these nails a shot. In addition to being creepy and funny, they are also incredibly fashionable. The bed of these nails is formed with lengthy coffin-shaped nails set against a hazy, gloomy, and ash-like backdrop. The base is created with a combination of purple and black nail polish, which serves to form the first coating. While a layer of roughness can be added to the nails with black details, eerie features can still be added with black gel nail polish.

Celestial Nails

If Halloween is right around the corner, these manicures are a must-try. They’re not just eerie and amusing, but also quite fashionable! The form of these nails is coffin-shaped long nails and a smoky, hazy, ash-like backdrop. The base is created with a combination of purple and black nail polish. Black gel nail polish provides a spooky touch, while violet and blue glitters add structure to the nails.

Geometrical Purple Pattern Nails

Purple polish is used in these nails. Gold paint makes geometric designs on each fingernail, resulting in attractive, amusing patterns. You can use these  Almond-shaped nails to provide a rounded look that complements the entire idea. The colors used make these nails suitable for almost any attire in any setting.

Elegant Plum Nails

Plum is a gorgeous purple color that is both sophisticated and powerful. Shiny plum nail polish is minimal yet attractive, and it can accent any color. Trimmed nails are recommended for this style, but you can grow them long if you like. You can wear this look at the office, in a professional event, or at family gatherings.

Metallic Violet Chrome Nails

Chrome nails help you to try a variety of hues. These nails gracefully flow from violet to gold to pink. Square-shaped nails are great for their appearance since the surface area highlights the gradual shift. These nails are ideal for a holiday gathering with friends and relatives.

Purple V-Shape French Tips Nail Design

If you want a modern, fresh, and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, these manicures are a must-try. You can  begin with nude nail coating to make the base, which is then matched by the v-shaped points. A v-shaped pattern on the fingernail tips is created with lavender-blue manicure paint.

In fact, you could try nail extensions to make this awesome!  Think about adding a silver glitter to each fingernail for a more dramatic impact.

Icy Lavender Nails

If you want to try out some snow-inspired manicures, these are ideal. The base you can use for this nail design is lavender, which is accented by white detailing. Three fingernails have glitter nail paint that looks like frozen ice.

A snowflake design on the middle fingernail and a frozen ice motif on another fingernail help to tie the appearance together. Combine these nails with sweatshirts or hoodies to complete the effect.

Blue and Purple Gradient Mermaid Nails

These nails start out purple and eventually transition to aqua blue towards the tips. On the nails, silver nail paint produces a mermaid tail pattern. Long nails offer to show off the attractiveness of this design. A topcoat of natural nail polish is important to keep the design completely glossy. You can wear these nails all-day  with your buddies.

Shimmering Violet Nails

If you want a deeply textured look without the trouble of layering many nail polishes or glitter, glittery nail polish is a terrific alternative. The purple nail polish used in this look is deep and dark. Pink, purple, and blue flakes give the nails a vibrant flash of color. Using this nail paint on shorter nails is a fun and quirky choice but long nails will make this look amazing. This design  provides longer nails and a more refined appearance.

Pastel Marble Nails

Lilac is a pastel purple color that is both sophisticated and adorable. Two layers of lilac nail polish were applied to these nails, followed by a coat of clean natural nail polish. To mix things up, go for a glossy purple nail paint.

These nails are elevated by a rosy pink marble  nail design. This aesthetic is best achieved with almond-shaped nails.

Bluish Purple Nails

These bluish purple tips on a peach base are a terrific way to stand out. A clear base or nude polish leads to a square nail tip, which balances the strong explosion of color from the purple tips. The marble nail design, which combines white and bluish purple for a distinctive touch, adds a unique touch. Glossy nail paint seals in the glitter, completing the appearance. If you’re feeling extra daring, give these nails a shot!

White Daisy on Lavender Nails

The first two coatings for this nail design is matte lavender nail polish. The daisy flower patterns in white polish look nice with the lavender. The tips and of each nail include unfinished flowers, adding a one-of-a-kind, subtle twist to the standard aesthetic.

Square-shaped nails are suitable for the design since they provide a bigger print surface area. To make it more simple, you can use stamps to create any nail art you choose.

Black Prints on Purple Nails

These nails, which are inspired by leopard print, begin with a base of a nail paint in a light purple shade. The details of the leopard print are achieved by applying black gel paint patches. This leopard design motif that is shown here is enhanced by the inclusion of rounded nails. These nails include a lovely color combination consisting of purple, black, and pink that looks very stunning.

Dark Purple Nails with Golden Flakes

A wide variety of shades from the purple color palette are used to create these stunning manicure designs. The marble accent features white, lavender, and violet tones, which are contrasted by a color that is rich and deep purple. The addition of golden flakes to the accent nails is, quite obviously, the cherry on top. These nails are given a stylish and one-of-a-kind appearance by the purple glossy polish.

V-Shaped Purple Tip and Feature Glittery Nails

A luxurious effect may be achieved with deep violet nail polish, which is a color that works well in both formal settings and everyday wear. On  four of your nails, a V-shaped design is created by using purple nail polish, and the feature nail has a glittery texture.   The style is finished off with a natural coating.

Mandala Pattern on Violet Nails

The first coating of these nails is created using several applications of metallic violet nail polish. Gold paint is used to create a Mandala pattern on two of the accent fingernails. A regal effect is produced by the gold print and glossy nail polish, making a magnificent combo! This nail art is really distinctive due to its symmetrical pattern and color scheme.

Acrylic Purple Nails and Golden Designs

This artistic nail art is on square and  lengthy acrylic nails. Each fingernail starts with a peach nail color and progresses to bright purple. To produce texture, white nail polish in the shape of clouds is used, and the next fingernail is varnished with a golden moon and stars in a purple color.

Nude Nails With Pastel Tips

These nails start with a nude coating and go to lavender tips. The nails are slightly different from the standard French manicure because the nail tip is circular rather than square . For the base, you might use clear nail paint or a lighter color like nude.

Magnificent Lavender Stiletto Nails

Light purple nail polish fills the empty spaces, giving rise to a candy pattern. Diamonds or rhinestones will make this more attractive and elegant. This style would look luxurious, so you should try this on special occasions.

Glamorous Purple Nails

The first coat of these nails is royal purple gel, with reddish-green shifting glitter and blue shimmer.  A stamp with leaf designs in silver nail polish contrasts the colors. These nails are ideal for a wedding or other formal occasion.

Violet Matt Nails With Textured Black Tips

Violet nail paint is elegant and rich, and it adds depth when worn. Matt nail polish can be used to create a more textured look. If a single color of nail polish does not appeal to you, try this matt violet with a textured black tip. This design uses a bolder shade of matte violet for the overall effect.

Shimmering Short Purple Nails

Dip powder is a wonderful alternative for achieving a classic yet attention seeker effect. This nail art is filled with blue, gold, silver, and purple glitter. The glitter also provides texture to the nails, making them look unusual and playful.

Shorter nails are recommended for aesthetics, but medium-length nails can also be used. To make these nails stand out, pair them with a vividly colored floral dress.

Multi-colored Marble Coffin Nails

This nail art is perfect for anyone who wants to add a splash of color to their fingernails. If you don’t wish to grow your nails out long, nail extensions are a great option; however, you may decide to grow your nails out to the length you desire. You can try a marble style that is colorful.

Patterned Matte Purple Nails

This amazing nail polish is a purple matte. Dark purple shimmers are painted on every fingernail.  A checkered look is created by darker violet lines crossing across the glitters.

These nails perfectly express the essence of winter. This looks amazing while trying to match them with a checkered pullover.

Smokey Purple Nail with Golden Flakes

If you want to try something different, smokey purple nails are a wonderful choice. White and the shades of dark and light purple combine to create a smokey purple color, leaving some of it in a clear coat. A careful application of gold flakes enhances this design. When used in this way, multiple shades of purple give the nail art texture. This design works best with squared nails since they bring attention to the gold flakes.

Glittery Galactic Nails

These nails shine under the violet shimmer nail polish, almost like a starry night sky. Nails that are square, oval, or almond-shaped affect the beauty of the nails. For a glossy look, you may even apply a layer of clear nail coating over it. For a fun night out or a date, wear your best little black dress with these nails.

Cute Purple Nails

These white and purple combinations with a playful look are a fun and stylish option. The use of glossy nail polish gives the nails a fun touch. This is the best option if you don’t want to have very long nails because the style looks better with shorter nails. To make these nails look their best, wear them with a bright floral dress.

Trendy Long Icy Nails

These natural and purple combinations with a playful look are fun and  stylish. The use of glossy manicure polish gives the nails a whimsical touch. This is the best option if you want to have long, icy looking nails. To make these nails look their best, wear them with a bright floral dress.

Crystal Purple Flakes

These nails are painted with a layer of glossy natural nail polish with purple flakes. The natural  These nails would stand out if worn with lighter-colored clothing in grey and white. This design would look like a crystal with flakes in the hands. You can try this with short or long nails, depending on how you want it. Choosing one fingernail to feature using a glittery silver polish

Stylish Glossy Nails

For an easy and stylish look, think about painting your nails a tint of light purple. For this appearance, square-shaped nails would be great. Make sure your nails are clipped and well-kept. Due to their low maintenance needs, these nails are ideal for everyday wear.

Look at our other top nail designs for your next manicure!



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